Jamaican Quadrille in Norwich with JANUKA

Culture Crossroads was proud to be able to bring JANUKA to Norwich for Norfolk Black History Month, 2011. It was a fantastic weekend with fun had by all. See below for further details as well as a film clip of JANUKA dancing at the Forum in Norwich.

Click here for more information about JANUKA and the Jamaican Quadrille tradition.

Click here to see the gallery of photos from the event.


African and Caribbean Dance Day with Norfolk Dance

Norfolk Dance offered it’s first African Dance Day as part of Norwich Black History Month in collaboration with Anna Mudeka, Jose Ferrera, JANUKA and Culture Crossroads. Incorporating various styles of dance rooted in African traditions, and live drumming throughout the day, this one day workshop was for all ages and abilities to get a taste of African Dance.

As well as sessions on traditional dances from Southern Africa with Anna Mudeka and an introduction to Cuban dance with Jose Ferrera Mulen, JANUKA led a very well received afternoon session of Quadrille dancing.

Click here for a link to the Norfolk Dance website.


Jamaican Party at the Forum

There was a live dance show in the atrium at the Forum and then we partied the night away in Marzano’s. This event was in collaboration with Cafe Bar Marzano and Pizza Express.

See below for a clip of JANUKA performing the traditional quadrille to a more contemporary soundtrack of Boney M!


Family Day at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

This day in collaboration with the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts was a great success. There was live music and story-telling with the focus of the day being on JANUKA’s performance and workshops of the Jamaican Quadrille tradition. The versatile group offered workshops in traditional Jamaican songs as well as teaching the Jamaican Quadrille dance.

Click here for a link to the on-line write-up of the event in the local newspaper.

Click here for a link to the article in the local newspaper.



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