Calypso with The Mighty Phantom

and his Tropical Troubadours

This music is a blast of acoustic tropical sunshine; evergreen with powerful melodies and irrepressible rhythms. These timeless tunes include well-known numbers and rarer treats from an expert’s archive representing the very best lyrical and musical genius of the Caribbean and Latin America. While we particularly love calypso from Trinidad we also specialise in Jamaican mento, Brazilian sambas and choros as well as some of the finest Cuban classics.

The Mighty Phantom Tropical Troubadour Tropical Troubadours

Photos courtesy of Mighty Phantom and His Tropical Troubadours

Perfect for all live music venues, for birthdays, weddings or any eventthat requires great music. Suitable for all ages and all types of people!  The music is made for dancing and the lyrics are ingenious, surprising and often hilarious so will be appreciated both on and off the dancefloor.

For more information call 07532 001361 or email us.

For a more informative as well as entertaining experience we can provide a ‘guided musical tour’  of the rich cultural traditions of Trinidad. Find out more about the origins of calypso and what happened when these traditions were brought to the UK by the Windrush generation.

The group is led by ‘the Mighty Phantom’ (aka Caspar James) with more than 10 years experience performing Caribbean and Latin American music which included a year studying and performing in the region.

The Tropical Troubadours include top musicians Will Fergusson on piano, Vilem Hais on bass, José Ferrera Mulén and Alex Jones on percussion and Jordan Smart on saxophone. Available to book as solo (calypso with ukulele accompaniment), duo (vocal, piano and percussion) trio (vocal, piano, bass and percussion) quartet or full band of 5 musicians.

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